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Programa #840 » ambient/space music

publicado el 3 de noviembre de 2015

01    AES Dana: Shouting Valley, ©2015 “Memory Shell”
02    Endless Melancholy: Daydreaming, ©2015 “Her Name in a Language of Stars”
03    Tim Kays: The Cumulus Empire, ©2015 “Phenomena”
04    Erik Wøllo: Sepia, ©2015 “Blue Radiance”
05    Michaël Bijker: Arrivals, ©2015 “Temples”
06    Rodrigo Leão: Suspensos, ©2015 “A Vida Secreta das Máquinas”
07    De Cetia: Think Up Think High, ©2015 “Think Up Think High”
08    Harald Nies: Reaching the End, ©2015 “Horizon”
09    Translunar: Deep Space Traveller, ©2015 “The Space Sorcerer”
10    CNTV: Captain Byrd Is Entering the Center of the Earth, ©2015 “Antártico”
11    Siavash Amini and Heinali: I Saw the Brown Leaves Dropping, ©2015 “When No Wind Whirled”
12    Jack Hertz: Resonance, ©2013 “7.83 Hz”
13    Cousin Silas and Head Joint: Our Lives by the Stream, ©2015 “A Journey Beyond Understanding”
14    The Color of Sleep: AutumnRed V, ©2015 “AutumnRed”
15    Steve Roach + Byron Metcalf + Rob Thomas: Archaic Layers, ©2015 “Monuments of Ecstasy”
16    Endless Melancholy: Her Name in a Language of Stars, ©2015 “Her Name
in a Language of Stars”

17    Matthew Cooper: Some Days Are Better than Others, ©2011 “Some Days Are Better than Others”