Programa #850

ambient/space music



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publicado el 26 de enero de 2016

01    Memum: Glows, ©2014 “Became a Leaf”
02    The Color of Sleep: AutumnRed IV, ©2015 “AutumnRed”
03    Phillip Wilkerson: Range Safety Clear [bonus track], ©2014 “Wondrous Encounters”
04    Hollan Holmes: Incandescent, ©2015 “Incandescent”
05    Siavash Amini: Subsiding, ©2015 “Subsiding”
06    Erik Wøllo & Bernhard Wöstheinrich: Weltenuhr, ©2014 “Weltenuhr”
07    Tim Kays: Echoes (A Life in the Day), ©2015 “A Life in the Day (Tales from the Undying Lands)”
08    Paco Salazar: Dusty Minute in an Apologectic Galactic, ©2015 “Male Beige Reality”
09    Marsen Jules: chahatlin, ©2015 “The Empire of Silence”
10    The Alphabet Zero: Stay, ©2014 “We Are Awake, We Are Alive”
11    Hammock: In the Middle of This Nowhere, ©2013 “Oblivion Hymns”
12    Brock Van Wey: You Built a Kingdom, but No One Said its Name, ©2014 “Home”