S A M P L E R    1 7

released on June, 16th 2015

A new project. This time focused on ambient/space music.

Mankind always was astonished by the vastness of space, the stillness of infinity, the amazing fascination for the Universe. These are sensations that space music transmits like no other. And they are the ones we wanted to pick up on this special (and spatial) CD.

Close your eyes and enjoy the flight!


CD1: Starting the Journey


sampler 17 CD1sampler 17 back CD1sampler 17 inside CD1

01 Kuutana: Awakening, ©2015 “Rebirth” (forthcoming album)
02 Basic of Sound: Area 51, ©2001 (previously unreleased)
03 Mathias Grassow & Closing the Eternity: The Runes & The Roots, ©2015 (previously unreleased)
04 The Glimmer Room: Red Sky at Night, ©2013 24 Frames per Second
05 Robert Scott Thompson: Arcane Discoveries, ©1998 (removed from catalog)
06 Andrés CV: Space, ©2013 (previously unreleased)
07 Michel Huygen: Neuronal Lost Frontier, ©2015 (previously unreleased)
08 Roger Subirana: Movement II – Aurora Australis, ©2015 “Alone (The Spatial Suite)”
09 J. M. Quintana Cámara: Moon, ©2015 (previously unreleased)
10 MeTrónomoS: One Small Step, ©2015 (previously unreleased)


CD2: Journey into Space


sampler 17 CD2sampler 17 back CD2sampler 17 inside CD2

01 Phillip Wilkerson: Falling Toward Polaris, ©2015 (previously unreleased)
02 Meteer: Memories of Tellus, ©2015 (previously unreleased)
03 Max Corbacho: Stratified, ©2015 (previously unreleased)
04 David Helpling: Loss of Time, ©1996 (previously unreleased, “Between Green & Blue” sessions)
05 Stellardrone: Milky Way, ©2010 “Sublime”
06 Die Stadt: Ereignishorizont, ©2015 (previously unreleased)
07 Claudio Casanueva: The Black Planet, ©2015 (previously unreleased)
08 Erik Wøllo: Ad Astra, ©2015 (previously unreleased)
09 Janneh: Winter, ©2014 “Padmospheres”


CD3: Back to the Earth


sampler 17 CD3sampler 17 back CD3sampler 17 inside CD3

01 Radio Interior Fusion: Nocturno, ©2015 (previously unreleased)
02 La Plaie et le Couteau: Jano, ©2015 (previously unreleased)
03 José Luis Serrano Esteban: Signals from Distant Galaxies, ©2015 (previously unreleased)
04 Cyborgdrive: Hyperspace, ©2011 (previously unreleased)
05 Alberto Heredero: Magnetic Fly, ©2015 (previously unreleased)


©2015 Creative Commons Atribución/No Comercial/Sin Derivadas 3.0 Unported (CC BY-NC-ND 3.0)

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With this release we only want to publicize, promote and disseminate what we understand under the imprecise label of ‘new music’, and to provide a platform to support new artists, professional or amateur, engaged in this kind of music. Copyright belongs to the owners of the works. We thank them for having granted permission for reproduction. This compilation (and the whole series) is intended to be a reflection of the music we broadcast weekly on our radio show. To find out more, please listen to our podcast. This release contains full-lenght songs directly and explicitly assigned by the authors to promote their music, without commercial purposes. Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported (CC BY-NC-ND 3.0). By downloading this release we give you the permission to:

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