Programa #908

Nunca es suficiente

publicado el 13 de febrero de 2019

Nunca es suficiente, siempre queremos más.
Por eso seguimos haciendo este programa y seguimos buscando más música.



Jorge Prada
Martin Mileros
Martin Mileros
Roger Subirana
Dead Can Dance
Mylann Chenebault
Mylann Chenebault
Pawel Ikgy
Stephan Micus
Stephan Micus
Stephan Micus
Stephan Micus
Dexter Britain
Andrew Goodwin
Gak Sato
Henry Shaver
Keith Richie
Andy Pickford
Loren Allred


Moon of my Tides, ©2018 “Infinity Sea“
Map of Meaning, ©2019 “Reminiscence“
Sonoluminescence, ©2019 “Reminiscence“
Cyberworld, ©2019 “Cyberworld single“
Act II: The Forest, ©2018 “Dionysus“
New Hope, ©2019 “Hope Is Rising“
Eyes in Sky, ©2019 “Hope Is Rising“
Alone. Always. Anywhere, ©2019 “Fall Down in the Sky“
Part 1: Earth, ©1997 “The Garden of Mirrors“
Part 3: Violeta, ©1997 “The Garden of Mirrors“
Part 6: Gates of Fire, ©1997 “The Garden of Mirrors“
Part 8: Night Circles, ©1997 “The Garden of Mirrors“
The Stephen Hawking Tribute, ©2018 “The Stephen Hawking Tribute“
Mythodea - Movement 9, ©2019 “Nocturne - The Piano Album -“
Longing (from 'Blade Runner'), ©2019 “Nocturne - The Piano Album -“
Charge into 2019, ©2018 “Charge into 2019“
Ya, ©2019 “The Winds of Shenao Bay“
rephase, ©2019 “rephase“
Celestial Rain, ©2019 “Celestial Rain“
Infinity Volume I - Movement IV (Redshift), ©2019 “Project Infinity“
Rollatorbahn, ©2018 “Objects & Expressions I“
Never Enough, ©2017 “The Greatest Showman“

selección musical ©2019 Javier Bedoya para


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